Monday, December 9, 2013

Could Not Be Happier

I have to admit I am so loving having my door installed at work. I was worried that it could create more issues but there has been complaints as I expected but overall it really seems to help. I have noticed that Duchess now seems twice as happy at work and since we spend way too much time here as it is. I am always looking for ways to keep Duchess protected because there has been so many issues in my office so far anytime Duchess moves. So with a door being there people will see her less and which should help keep the complaints about dog toys being on the floor. My coworkers don't mind the toys being there and it keeps Duchess busy during really long days. I don't leave them everywhere but she might have antler and rawhide chew out at the same time. Which I am okay with. I have learned so much from this experience so far. I know I really was hoping having a service animal at work would be easier but it has been incredibly difficult and I am not the only person I know to have issues. I work very hard to have Duchess be the best service dog possible but I have a feeling even if she was perfect people would still complain.

I have also learned that I need to protect myself as much as possible in my office. There is actually very few people I trust after all the issues I have had and I tend to keep to myself so people will leave me alone. I know after only a couple of days I could not be more pleased with having the door. I also feel less all eyes on me which is nice and I worry less about people bugging Duchess when we are at work. Even though she has her do not pet patches people will always try and pet. I expect them too but I always try my best to explain why I do not allow people to pet her. Once I explain they usually will leave her alone which is good. Hoping that things will be more smooth sailing when it come to the office issues. I really need a break from all the stress I have experienced because of all the complaints.

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