Friday, December 13, 2013

Trouble On Tuesday

On Tuesday of this week I was late again to work because of a bad low and I was at my wits end. I could not seem to get my blood sugars to stay normal over night and to even sleep much. So I went to a work in appointment that morning. The doctor and I changed over to plan B run them higher and adjust down as necessary. I did do that so far and I actually was high last night because I did have a stubborn low that went for several hours and then decided to shoot up. So thankfully it was not all night but overall I feel better about things after the past couple of days of being able to hear my alarm and get out bed on time for work. I did change my alarms on Dexcom as well to make sure it was because I was blocking the sound out because I was used to it which can happen. I did try the cup but I stopped hearing that but now I am back to where I am more responsive right now which is good. I am thankful to be at least in a place where I am sleeping again and not having lows all night long. I know I struggle with letting things run higher but I am doing it and figuring out what is the best dosage for basal rates. So far the changes have all seemed to be working better and with a little hiccups but I can adjust those as I figure them out.

Overall my blood sugars are having less lows and not really that many higher blood sugars so I just need to keep working on straightening the little things out and I will be in great shape. I have a feeling my vacation will also give me the time to get things all adjusted and just relax my job is way too stressful most of the year and every time I am able to get a break it is a good thing. The only thing that still keeps popping up is rebound highs even when not eating more than 11 carbs which drives me crazy but I have a feeling that soon enough things will be back to normal and I will be on vacation enjoying my time off. It was the strangest thing on Wednesday morning I just could not write about the event maybe I was not ready. I guess some times we need time to process what happens and deal with the events before we can blog about it.

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