Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Feeling Rather Silly and Forgetful

I am still astonished that I forgot. Yesterday was a really busy day and I was getting ready to leave work my pump sounded off that I had only ten units left in my pump. I did have insulin and new cartridge with me but I knew I had to catch my bus. I figured I could wait till I got home. I got home later than I was planning and had to be some where pretty quickly. So I forgot to refill my cartridge at that point. I figured I would refill it before dinner but dinner came and went. I got busy packing my suit case and finishing up things for my trip that I forgot to get to changing the cartridge. I went to bed last night completely forgetting about the alarm at almost 5pm yesterday. I was sound asleep when I awoke and looked at my Dexcom I was 225 and with an up arrow then I hear my pump sound empty cartridge flashing at me. At that moment I was like what was I thinking I normally really great at changing it out promptly but sadly not yesterday.

I could really tell I was in the two hundred range and I really just wanted to go back to sleep but when I am high I normally have issues trying to sleep. Looking at the Dexcom I missed the first couple of alarms that I was high for almost an hour and a half but thankfully I was able to get my blood sugar heading back down pretty promptly I was reminded yesterday of the importance of not putting off refilling my cartridge because life can get in the way at times. I am usually on top of things but when I am getting ready for a flight I can get pretty concentrated on the task and miss such an important thing. I know this morning I feel completely silly because I missed such a key thing. The good thing is I had a good reminder of the fact that when the cartridge is low warning goes off I need to attend to it as quickly as possible.

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