Friday, March 1, 2013

Training Refresher Course

                       Duchess like any service dog needs constant training and retraining to keep up her skills as a service dog. I have been working and keeping her skills up but recently things are not always working as well as I would like. She is well behaved but little things needs some tweeking of sorts. So I am doing some refresher training with a trainer tonight to maintain and try some new ways to make training more fun for her. She is getting bored in some ways by doing the same training over and over but I think trying some new ways that get the same results is exactly what we need. I know Duchess loves learning new things and I will continue to add new tricks and tasks she can learn. Having a service dog you need to have a balance of mental stimulation such as games, and puzzles to keep an alert dog sharp. She is very sharp but I can see I need to have some more mental stimulation. I am think I might see if Duchess would like to learn Rally which involves obedience and agility which does is great at already but I have a feeling would make her even better.


Duchess likes to have her dog bones on her cot at work.


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