Wednesday, March 13, 2013


                      I love living in Austin Texas most of the time but honestly during (SXSW) South by Southwest interactive, movie and music festival is awesome but when you have to go to work it can make life difficult. It does usually add at least an extra 20 to thirty minutes to a normal commute home which is really less than ideal. When I can attend SXSW it is great but with all the visitors to Austin it can create some less than fun days. I still am not feeling great and just wanted to relax on my way home from work. I was riding the bus yesterday and I know the route has been alerted to help speed up the ride home. There was some younger guys on the bus when I got on at my stop and I sat down. Duchess was right by my feet and trying to get comfortable. The next thing I see is hands coming towards Duchess. She was looking at me as they were moving towards her. I luckily got their attention before they pet her. Normally I would have went into why  you do not pet service animals but I was tired and not up to it. They were very polite and did apologize for trying to pet Duchess. I do appreciate the apology and they did it twice. I think they noticed the do not pet after the attempt. I try to not leave bad impressions on people when I tell them no but I am not always up for the education opportunities on days like that. I did say NO pretty sternly but I find that seems to catch people's attention. I try not to come off as rude but I did not really speak with them afterwards I just put on my headphones and listened to some music.

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