Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Interesting Encounter

                    I was walking Duchess on the University of Texas campus last week as I normally do on my breaks. I normally have no issues with students wanting to pet her which is always so nice. I think I have had a total of three times in over a year of people who wanted to pet her but most of the students seem to be educated on the fact that you do not pet a service dog which is wonderful and I hope they continue to educate others as well. It was a normal day the weather was sunny and nice and everything was abuzz on a beautiful day in Austin. I saw a guy riding a bicycle towards us on this small pathway that goes around the edge of campus. The guy on the bicycle was looking at Duchess but I assumed because he was being cautions to not hurt or ride to close to Duchess on the pathway. The guy on the bicycle them started to lean towards Duchess and then she started to back away from the guy.  Right as he got closer he noticed the DO NOT PET patch on her vest and he the leaned back up and kept on riding. I think the bigger patches  have helped tremendously but I have never had someone try to pet her while trying to ride their bicycle. I still have to shake my head in astonishment on that a person would do that. I learned as a kid you don't pet others pets unless they give you permission because some dogs don't like to be pet by strangers. I guess this young guy had not learned that lesson.

                     In situations like that I am really glad that Duchess knows to avoid the person by backing away or moving in a different direction. I have heard countless times when she does this that she is an antisocial dog but in reality it is part of her training because I really need her to focus on me and not others. Her ability of her to do her job is what keeps me safe but education the public has and will always be interesting.

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