Monday, March 25, 2013

Fun Weekend

                 I had a great weekend of fun with friends at the renaissance festival yesterday. The bad part is that I was so busy I did not get any new pictures which I should have because all of us added new pieces to our Renaissance festival costumes. I buy one piece at a time because some items can be quite pricey but I also love the fun of the festival. Duchess really seems to love it as well. There is bird show which features owls, hawks and vultures. Duchess loved watching the birds fly around the stage area. The birds would swoop down over the crowd and I am not sure how she felt about that but she was really focused on the birds. Then the Vultures were walking across the ground right near her and of course she wanted to go see them up close. She was seated very patiently at my feet watching the show. I have been to the bird shows at so many of the festivals I was really surprised she was interested at all. Previously she had no interest in the birds and was just laying down and not even paying attention to them. Most of the time the Renaissance festival is a large amount of walking and shopping. Everyone enjoyed themselves yesterday and the only thing that could of been better was the weather. I had to wear a clock over my costume because of winds and a major drop in temperature from the night before.

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