Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Unexpected

               I had a recent low that scared me quite a bit because I could actually some what feel it. Duchess had alerted pretty early I think around 40 minutes before while I was at work. I did test at the time I was 121. So I knew I would check back in a bit to see where I was at but I got distracted.

              I was writing up emails I needed to finish and then Duchess re-alerted but I told her I would check shortly. She sat really close to me as she does when she knows it will go low. I did have one roll of smarties to try and avoid going low but I guess it was moving down faster than I thought.

               I continued to work on my emails when my hands started to shake and my heart was speeding up. I have not felt this in several years and it sent me into a complete panic because I was really thrown off. Duchess kept bumping my arm basically telling me I need to do something now.

                The shaking was really difficult to handle I was trembling in fear because when you lose the feeling the lows are different they can be scary but they are different. I find lows when you hypoglycemia unawareness are easier to ignore because there is usually not a faster heartbeat there is no sweating, shaking or hunger like I used to have. The only thing that might be noticeable is mood changes which actually are much worse with my hypoglycemia unawareness. The shaking really rattled me because it is really quite unfamiliar these days. Even Duchess was freaked out by it she watching my hands shake.

                 I tested and it was 52 and I quickly treated my low with smarties. I know I could not wait for the shaking to stop and my heartbeat to slow. I had juice at my desk and I almost drank that instead. I think when I am low I go back to my old routine when I was young of having a juice box to treat my lows it can be oddly comforting. It is so strange how for so many years I would handle all the symptoms pretty well but once I get away from it how much more scary it can be.


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