Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lows and Public Speaking

                   I for the most part like what I do. I do however teach classes. The hardest part for me is when I have a low while teaching. I don't feel the low of course so Duchess alerts which are not that noticeable which is great but when I have to stop talking is where I run into issues. My classes I teach are around 2 hours long and I always feel awkward trying to pop glucose tabs in my mouth or eat smarties etc. I have on occasion let the class have a quick break which works at times but other times when you are just starting the class that will not work. Most of the time I think the classes do not notice Duchess is even there. I feel like most of the time I don't want to share my disability with people across campus. It is a little too invasive for me. I try to maintain as much professionalism as possible while teaching.

                    I remember sitting in class recently as I could feel my tongue becoming heavy and I was slowing my speech down as I my blood sugar was going down. I was popping smarties in as I could between sentences and my heart beating a hundred miles an hour in embarrassment because I am trying to keep going through my power point slides. I think I am really self conscious still since up to two years ago I was deathly afraid of public speaking but I took one speech class in college and I know can handle it now. I always manage to still answer questions or continue through even when I am low which is not easy. I have to say most of the time I am sure I seem like I am drunk while teaching the class when I am low but it happens. I know I wish at moments like these that I could stop the low all together but I have learned some ways to deal with it. I had one time it was close to the end but I waited so long to treat my low which was not good.

                       I have one remaining class next month and then I am done but I am trying to find a way to treat lows that is easier while teaching class. I know thankfully I can keep it together enough to keep going but I want to have the classes run as smoothly as possible as well.


  1. No idea if this thinking applies, or might be helpful, but I'll throw it out there anyway.

    When I'm playing basketball, treating my low quickly is important. Not because I'm worried about dropping, but because I hate the interruption, and hate having to ask other people to wait for me, and pretty much just want to slam down some carbs and get back out there.

    Eating is slow in these scenarios. But I can easily take a few gulps of some potent juice, like grape juice, or Coke, etc. without too much interruption.

    Maybe having a bottle of juice available would help?

  2. ?? some people swear by these glucose drinks, easy to carry in all types of conditions, more concentrated compared to other drinks, so less is needed and works FAST ...

  3. Thanks Ann and Scott. I am definitely going to use drinks or faster acting items. When I am speaking less issues the better. Thanks for the ideas.