Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hypoglycemia Unawareness

                 One of the most frustrating parts of having hypoglycemia unawareness is the belief from Dr.'s and peoples is that if you run your blood sugars high you will get your feeling of lows back. From my experience and talking with others that is not always true. I have meet people that yes that worked for a short period of time but then they lost their feeling of lows or highs completely. I know each person's experience is not the same but I find that most people who have diabetic alert dogs that are adults have the same experience that I did as well. I have never regained my feeling of lows after running my blood sugars higher for months which I will say is the worst idea my Dr.'s at the time had. They used the one size fits all mentality and treatments but I find most of the information is not correct for many patients and very few articles actually talk about people who do not regain feeling of lows or highs. I find everything says running your blood sugars is the only solution. I was at the JDRF event this weekend and they were talking about projects in the works as far as research. There is an exciting project which involved encapsulated beta cells. I was asking for more information from a JDRF representative at the conference that this technology would also restore a person's feeling of lows and highs as well. Which I would love to have but also in general would have great benefits for all.I know there was another story last night about a possible cure but after 33 years I am always doubtful about it being a cure after hearing it so often over the years. I am not expecting a cure anytime soon but I still have some slight hope that in future. I know the research is getting closer to having better options but what we will define as a cure will be interesting I'm sure.


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