Friday, March 15, 2013

Being Forgetful

                      I am really not sure what is up with my memory recently but I am really starting to wonder. I forgot my insulin pump again and also to refill Duchess treats baggie which is not good but I am prepared enough that I do have a spare baggie in my backpack which I take to work with me. I am not a huge fan of this because that means I will be injecting insulin every hour until I get home because I do not have a bottle of levemir with me. I always have a package of needles in my back pack for this very reason in case something like this happens. I still can't believe I forgot my pump again. I did not realize until I got to work that it was even missing. I was surprised it took me that long to notice but the good part is that my blood sugar was 95 which was great. I know this has been such a long week and with longer ride homes and I am not sure what contributed to me forgetting besides me not feeling great.

                           I know after all the struggles to be able to use my pump I really miss it on days like this. I really don't mind the injections but not being able to bolus exactly for the carbohydrates is frustrating. I will have to adjust accordingly but I don't want any highs if possible which equal more tests. I am hoping that my blood sugars will stay some what level but I guess I will see.

Duchess on the bus this morning

Look at those eyes

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