Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Interesting Article JDRF

                I read an article yesterday by the JDRF Convenes Forum on the Psychosocial Burdens of Type 1 Diabetes. This article was talking about that only 67% of patients stay on the disease management plan where for example 88% of HIV patients stay on the disease management plan. Diabetics scored the lowest. I know this really points out what most of us already know that there is not enough support in this area. There is really lacking support most of the time from our physicians. I know that is a big part of why the DOC has become such a big part of many our lives today because we help each other through this when there is no other resources out there for many. I know I have thought for a while all the shootings were caused by lack of mental health care coverage in this country and I know the same goes for many other issues as well. I know back last summer my Dr. kept wanting me to run my blood sugars high but I was worried about my overall quality of life and the Dr. was not in the least bit concerned about it. I know I am trying to keep the complications at bay, but I need them to understand why I am managing things the way I do. I know I am guilty like I'm  most diabetics of not following my treatments plans exactly. I do quite well on my own as far as most things go and sometimes things get off track and you need to make changes.

                    I have like quite a few diabetics struggle with depression and stress from my diabetes. This does cause issues for those around me as well. So I know the treatment I received over the years for this has not been great the expectations of the mental health professionals unrealistic in some ways. I can see why diabetics end up not testing as often, skipping appointments, and other things because I also find that the physicians also play a part in this as well. I have been told over the years that I was a bad diabetic because my Alc was not perfect or that I had missed an appointment. I don't believe there is such as thing as a bad diabetic just one who has lost their way. I think because the lack of support it creates issues of wanting to follow our management plans to some degree. I also know that being called a bad diabetic over the years has never helped me but actually hurt me. I am hoping to see more of these type of discussions in the future. I think this problem defiantly needs to be addressed and look for better solutions that just calling a patient bad.



  1. Yes, definitely agree that more needs to be done around mental health and diabetes. None of us WANT to take care of ourselves poorly, right?

  2. I could not agree more but they way things currently stand there is quite a few who are facing that right now.