Friday, March 22, 2013

Funny Incident at Work

                  Duchess is quite the little clown at times. She make goofy noises does stranger things and really makes her presence know to others. She has a great personality and I would not change a thing. She has provided me so many laughs over the past two and half years almost three. On Wednesday afternoon Duchess was getting ready to alert but got carried away she was alerting with her bringsel and she was shaking it around in a circle and let go of the bringsel. The bringsel went flying over the cubicles and landed in Bridgett's cubicle with a big thud. She looks around the corner and says to me this must be yours as we both are laughing. It was quite funny and Duchess was a little thrown off by the fact that the bringsel went flying across the room. It was so funny and I know now that Duchess is a little more careful with the bringsel when she is trying to get my attention. I know my coworkers were really surprised to see an item come landing on their desk. 

Duchess with a Bringsel

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