Thursday, March 14, 2013

Better Workplace Environment

                     I have been hearing so many great stories of how Duchess has improved others work experience in my office. There is quite a few people in this large space. It can be hard to really see how she could affect anther's experience but she has. I think her extremely expressive personality, and her energy are all very positive aspects. I know just seeing her seems to brighten most people's day when they are at work even though they are unable to touch and play with her. I know when I originally started working with Duchess I never realized how just her presence could enhance the office environment. She is joy to be around and I love that I have her. I know this week so far has been very long with me not feeling well. She has been great in that she is very cuddly and affectionate. I know that she does affect me in great ways as well. I am blessed to have such a lifesaver with me at all times.

                     I was told by a coworker that they had never owned a Labrador retriever but after meeting Duchess they wanted one. I know it is interesting how much Duchess has affected many people's decision to get another pet or even get their first dog. She will always have postive influence on my life but the bonus it that she does as well for others.



  1. Absolutely LOVE this post!! Yes, it's interesting to see not only the D-impacts of her being an alert dog, but just the overall psychological impacts she has on you and others in your office. My black lab is by no means an alert dog, but I've witnessed the same kind of thing with her and my parents when they come to visit. She just makes them feel better, and motivates them to want to be happier and healthier. Thanks for sharing this, Tarra!!

  2. The funny thing going into an office environment I knew from reading articles that it can be blessing for most people but I never really took into account how much it really does until I experienced it first hand. Thanks Mike.