Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Firing Another One

                  I know having Duchess around has always been interesting and always will be. My current family practice Dr. for some reason thinks Duchess is a seeing eye dog even with me telling them that she is medical alert dog. I told him exactly what she does but each time I go back in they seem to think she is a seeing eye dog.  I have been planning on firing my Dr. because honestly if you can't seem to get that she a  medical alert dog there is some issues. I do not feel comfortable with getting care from someone who is not understanding about what purpose Duchess serves. All my current Dr.'s I see all have asked questions and seem to value that I have my best friend and helper with me. My fired Dr.'s staff were also extremely uneducated about service animals and my service was below par because of it.
                   Last time I was there the medical assistant would not draw my blood because she was scared of dogs so I ended up waiting an extra 40 minutes for the other gal to be free. I also seemed to wait longer in general which is strange. So overall  my experience was good. The past year and half I have only went to my family practice Dr. twice. I know my previous experiences played a part in that as well. I have to go see my family practice Dr. to deal with me being sick the past couple of weeks. I had a friend who likes there Dr. so I am going to see if they are better than my current experience. Should not be too hard to beat actually. I had better reception to having Duchess at the low cost health clinic I went to when I was in college a year and a half ago. They were really understanding and really were accepting of Duchess. I am hoping for a better experience with my new Dr. next Tuesday.

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