Thursday, March 28, 2013

Latest Visit to Retina Specialist

                     I went back for a check up appointment with my Retina Specialist. Today has some good new currently my vision in my right eye has improved greatly because of the fact there is very little of my vision being blocked by a hemorrhage. Which equal better vision for me which I am loving. I honestly despise going to these appointments because I have a thing about anything being close to my eye's and I have been that way for years. I have been going so frequently to the Retina Specialist I was hoping the constant being really closer to my eyes I would become more accustomed to it but I think I really just despise it even more. Thankfully I will have a 3 month break till my next appointment. My left eye again 20/20 vision which is excellent. My left eye is still looking great no change in that eye if only my right eye was doing the same thing. I have to say that I am overall very happy with this appointment and hoping for even more improvements in my right eye as I go along.

                        Duchess is such a goofy dog I think she is always worried every time I got to the Retina Specialist I think it could be all the devices they use that are not what she likes. She sits there patiently but I can tell is not always happy about everything that is going on but I am sure that is because she is concerned they are going to hurt me. She is just the sweetest.


  1. Thanks Scott. I was really excited that things are improving.