Thursday, February 28, 2013

Is Anybody Home?

                 I have to say I hate morning when I have a bad low. I feel like I am trapped in a weird land where you feel like you are never really completely awake. This really less than ideal when you have a need to accomplish a large amount of work. I know I will be dragging for most of the day and not quite feel like I am all there. My job involves a great deal of problem solving ability and days like this that is not the best thing. I can still solve the problems but not as quickly or as easily as a normal morning. I will most likely pump up the caffeine and hope for the best because some times that will help me pop out of the dragging feeling. I feel like sludge during these events. I know the longer I have diabetes the worse the lows seem to get in the aftermath of the incident. I know that normally these lows are caused when I drop really dramatically and I'm sure my body is quite overwhelmed when this does happen. I can drop so quickly that even with Duchess catching it I still can end up with the feeling like I am not completely all there. The good thing is that I am at work and getting things accomplished regardless of how I feel but at least I have some caffeine to help sharpen me up a bit.

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