Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Education Opportunity

                   This past weekend when I was out with Duchess as usual there was the normal chatter. I find it funny at times how people don't think I can hear or I am blind. There was this child asking their mom why there was a dog in the store. She answered her child that it was a service dog. Then child says to the mom the dog should still not be in the store. The mom then explained that disabled individuals need the dog to help them perform daily tasks they can no longer do themselves. The child looks at the mom. That lady is not ill she looks fine. The mom then tells the child that not all disabilities are visible. She said that lady could be really ill and you never know. She may really have struggles or issues and so it's not nice to judge until you walk a mile in her shoes. The child had an astonished look in her eyes as the mom told her that it is not nice to assume things about others. The little girl then asked her mom if she could find out more about what job Duchess does.

                    They approached me and because the mom had explained things so well. I told her that I did have a disability and might not be here today without the help of Duchess. I told her that I believe that I could not hold a job without a service dog because of the dramatic drops I have had the past couple of years. I told her about the fact that Duchess gives me my freedom back and my ability to not fear leaving my house. I know the child was really not sure people really need service dogs but I hope my story taught her otherwise. I did go into detail about Duchess's job and I know she was surprised at her purpose.I also talked about all the different types of service dogs and how they impact those people's lives. It was a great experience and I am hoping she passes the information onto her friends at school.


  1. It defiantly was a refreshing experience. If only more people were aware.