Monday, February 11, 2013

I Did Not Grow Up In A Cave

                 I have a funny pet peeve of sorts. It stems from the constant comments about my diabetes experience. I was diagnosed at 18 months old and up too that point had a very normal childhood. I hear constantly from people how lucky I am to not of know what it was like to eat sugar like a normal child and have what ever I wanted to eat. I have been told it must have been really so much easier because I got it at a younger age.I think it is kind of funny to hear that because I watched my brother and sister have a normal childhood so I kind of know what it is like. I think people believe I lived in a cave and never say my peers experiencing a normal life. I also hear how since I did not have many memories of my early childhood my life as a diabetic must be so much simpler. The funny thing is that I hear this from diabetics as well. I don't believe that my experience was easier and my parents would disagree completely. I know I have been having seizures from lows since I was little thankfully I had larger breaks in time with no seizures. I also had my body developing under higher blood sugars where if you were older at least your body has more time to function normally. I also had numerous trips to emergency room because I was sick or having bad lows. It was not an easier childhood. I missed out on some things other children were able to do. I am tired of hearing how easy I have had it when someone has not walked a mile in my shoes.  I disagree with it being a advantage I think in some ways neither way is easy. I think even with growing up with diabetes it is no easier than If I got it when I was 7 or 5. Yes you may have some experiences that I may have missed out on but I do have an idea what it was like and I did not grow up in a cave. My parents did the best they could to provide me a normal childhood and they did a great job.



  1. I understand. My husband was diagnosed at 6 months old and he hears the same. He however is glad he doesnt remember a time without the needles and carb counting. It doesn't give him that feeling of, "I wish I could go back to when I didn't have it" sort of thinking. I think it all depends on the individual. Some people feel differently. I'm sure everyone would agree that D sucks though :)

  2. I am not liking people saying that I had it easier when I have dealt with diabetes so long. I think they equate having to give up sugar, fatty food and other things as difficult. So they assume it was much easier because we did not have to give up anything.