Thursday, February 14, 2013

Big Drop

                Today I woke up rather high because of an occlusion in my infusion set. I did not hear my insulin pump as usual. So I did a quick correction and was on my way to work. I did encounter some unexpected activity so of course I ended up being low this morning. I was 35 and Duchess was pretty excited because I have been running slightly higher than usual since I am fighting off a cold. Thankfully I am starting to feel better. This is a rare occasion where I actually felt hungry when I was low. It is kind of a shock to me because I am so used to not feeling much of anything except confusion. Thankfully Duchess sat by my side until I was 120. She was really cautious not to leave my side in case there was another dramatic drop. I really am so thankful to have her around she keeps me focused on getting my blood sugar tested and taking care of the low. It is very easy at times for me to get confused with big drops in blood sugar. Thankfully she was aware and did her as always.

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