Friday, February 8, 2013

What was I Thinking?

                     The last two days have been nothing but terrible in that I have forgotten and left behind some very important things. I was not running late but I didn't notice that I had left my diabetic pouch behind which has my insulin in it. It was sitting on my bed at home sadly. So I didn't notice this until I get a warning from my pump that there is only 10unit left. So luckily yesterday I was running on the lower side and was able to run at a lower basal rate which would make the units last til I could get home. So I get off work and I have 3 units left which is plenty. So I walk to the bus as I normally do but I sat there for a half an hour and not bus normally it is there around 5:13pm but not bus. I know another route that is near bye an it picks up around 5:41 so I head over to that bus stop and I wait and I wait. The time reaches 6:02 and I call the bus company and fine out that my normal route broke down. Currently that bus driver is lost and rerouting back to the missed stops. Then I was told the other bus is running behind and should be there shortly. Thankfully it does show up at 6:10pm and then I am on my way home. The insulin dosage is getting lower by the hour but because of all the running around I did a lower basal rate. Thankfully I made it home with only 1 unit left in my insulin pump at 7:15pm. So today I made sure that my pack was in my purse before I left.

                        The saddest part is that I forgot to reattach my pump and was too far from home to go back and get it. So today I will injections instead of using my insulin pump. I am not sure what is with all the forgetfulness but it has not been that much fun but at least today I have half a bottle and plenty of needles to get by with. Hoping for a much smoother weekend than this week has been. I rarely ever forget my pump but every couple of years it happens. I am so glad it's Friday and I know Duchess feels the same.


  1. Interesting topic about diabtic person. I find it sad that doctors are so uneducated about T1 diabetes. You'd think that as a relatively common disease, there would be better training for clinicians.

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  2. Oh man! Better be careful or you'll need to train Duchess to be a memory alert dog, too! :-)

  3. lol I was heading that direction. I know my alarms all week from the Dexcom was winning sadly.