Friday, February 22, 2013


                      Duchess love to embarrass me at times and yesterday was not exception. I was on my way to a meeting and as I arrive at the office Duchess decided that she needs to put her head through my legs right at that moment which is less than ideal. It is quite comical for others to see and I am really glad to that I have the ability to laugh at myself and I think you need to when having a service animal. These dogs are incredible but they can also attract a lot of attention and not always at the best moments. Duchess has been the queen of making weird noises and I always seem my coworkers making the strangest looks at Duchess. I know because she is supposed to not bark they tend to make other noises instead of barking or making really loud noises she makes them pretty quite which is good.

                     I found yesterday as well that a woman that works in a nearby office had never owned a dog after seeing Duchess on a regular basis decided she wanted to have a dog. I still amazed at how influential Duchess is to peoples perspective on dogs. I was not completely surprised but enjoy the fact that yes Duchess does really change my workplace dynamics in a very positive manner.

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