Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Follow up Visit Retina Sprecialist

                   Another visit to the Retina specialist but still some small bleeds but not nearly as bad as last year. Looks like I will be getting another injection in my eye which is pure torture but in the end helps keep my eye from hemorrhaging as much. I have technically only have had my eyes lasered twice in each eye. I thought they would have done more lasers but they have not. Hopefully the shot will help gets things back to a more stabilized grounds. The good part is the my left eye still has 20/20 vision which is excellent after almost 33 years of type 1 diabetes. I had 20/20 vision in both eyes two years ago. I am hoping that with the proper treatments that I will not lose as much vision in my right eye. Normally once the hemorrhages stop my vision come right back to normal so I am not seeing any vision loss which is really good. I am hoping to keep things going in that positive direction.

                      I also had an interesting discussion about how smart working/service dogs are and their capabilities they have with my Dr.. I know he was quite impressed that there is bomb sniffing dogs used in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Dr. also had to comment on how impressive the diabetic alert dogs are as well. I know I could not agree more. I know Duchess as usual seemed to know when people are talking about her.


  1. Hope that the shot does everything it's supposed to. Keep us posted!

    Very cool to finally talk to someone who respects service dogs, too!

  2. The shot worked well last time. I am hoping it will again. I will defiantly keep everyone updated.

    It is nice to run across people who like service animals and think of the great work they do.