Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Embarrasing Moments

                    Having Duchess with me has always been interesting in that there is so many things I had not thought of before I got her. The bathroom is always interesting because people usually tell me I am not allowed in the restroom or they are curious what it is like having my service dog squeezed into tight restroom stalls. I was in the restroom yesterday morning and there someone one in the stall next to me.I have a feeling that they did not see me come in and was startled to see little dog paws under the stall and moving around. The person let out a little noise and all I could do is laugh because most people are pretty calm about seeing Duchess in the restroom. There has been a time as well that Duchess decided to poke her head under the stall door at a person and she scared the person to death. I did apologize but Duchess can be pretty good at time of embarrassing me as well. She sometimes will poke  her head through my legs if I am having a conversation. She is so quirky and entertaining at times but she does not always wait for the right moments to do these things. I have had plenty of laughs and embarrassing moments and I am sure I will have more to come.


  1. It's actually harder with a smaller dog.

    We do take advantage of the handicapped restroom as much as possible. At school, we don't have anyone using the handicapped stall in the girl's room this year, so it doesn't matter.

    We do startle people occasionally, but they rarely mind.

  2. Yeah the restrooms can be tricky. I have had people to leave bathrooms because they felt Duchess should not be there. Seems like you never know whats going to happen next.