Wednesday, February 27, 2013

CGM Woe's

                         I have sadly been turning down the alert levels to lower because the Dexcom G4 keeps having numerous false alerts. So much so that I am thinking of telling my Dr. I will only use it for basal testing and not on a regular basis. My previous Dexcom did not have near as many false alerts I would say that at least 70 percent of the time the numbers are off and especially at night. On day 7 I seem to be getting one fairly accurate day and if I extend the sensor out I usually get another couple of good days but I am having trouble justifying the expense of the sensors. If the sensors were not keeping me up every night I think I would be more inclined to use it on a daily basis. I have had to delay the snoozes times and lower the alerts which defeats for me the whole purpose of using it because I would like for it to catch lows, highs, failing trends and rising trends. Currently most of the time the graphs and the information is skewed because it is so inaccurate. I think my Dexcom will be sitting in a drawer gathering dust because I can't stand it anymore.

                          Times like these I am so blessed to have Duchess because she has never had a false alert since I have had her. Duchess is even more tired because she is not sleeping well either. I need her to be alert and able to keep up with ever changing blood sugars and that is not easy to do on little sleep for an alert dog. I am glad I will not be hearing the beeping going off tonight but I am sure my Endocrinologists visit next week will not be as fun. I know they are going to have issues with me not using the Dexcom. I can use the Dexcom Seven Plus until they discontinue the sensors which is another option I am looking into.

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