Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Preparing for the Future

                       It is hard to believe I have been dealing with my Retinopathy for almost a year now. The only downside to all of this will be the fact that yes I will eventually need vitrectomy surgery which is the removal of the gel between the lenses of the eye. This surgery will stabilize most peoples eyes after the procedure. I have quite a few little hemorrhages recently and I am getting tired of the lasers and all the procedures. My eye is not bad but the lasers have caused me to lose what little night vision I do have. I have a much greater difficulty driving at night and I might have to go back to glasses for driving at night which I am okay with. My injection into my eye is never pleasant and equals major headaches and swelling in my eye. It really feel like someone scratched my eye. It is less than ideal but I had great results from the injections. The longer I do the procedures the more side effects I am experiencing. When I first started having my eyes lasered I did not have much vision problems after but last time I had a week and half where my vision was impacted. The last time I had an injection I did not have any swelling. I am feeling like I will need to do something in the near future but at least I feel prepared this time around. I know the Dr. is great and he has been nothing but great in finding ways to stave off the time for surgery but I know that will only last so long.

                       I know even Duchess is not a fan of the procedures as well. Most of the time when I have lasers or the Injections the she is not happy. I know she does not want to see me in pain or experiencing these types of procedures. She is also not a fan of blood draws she seems to know that these procedures can hurt. I have a high pain tolerance so I am usually doing just fine but it is interesting that she is so concerned about them hurting me. She is amazing to watch because even through out the short time I have had her she still amazes me with her devotion and love.


  1. Sounds like it is at least very comforting knowing that you have a good eye doc on your team. Regardless of what happens, you can lean on them for good, quality advice and care.

    Makes total sense to me that Duchess would freak out with any of that stuff - she's so connected to you.

  2. The Eye Dr. has been very honest from the beginning unlike the previous specialist I was seeing. I am thankful that I am comfortable with the Dr. It really makes a difference.

    Duchess is defiantly always worried about me and what is going on.