Wednesday, February 6, 2013


                   I have a friend who had received a dog named Shyla from the same trainer I received Duchess from. Duchess was finishing up her training when B was there getting her dog and I picked up Duchess two months later. She had played with Duchess when she was there. Our dogs were friends and loved to play together. She was in high school when she got her dog and was severely bullied so much that she switches schools. The school allowed the bullying and never stopped it. I think most parents needs to have a plan of action if your teenager is gong to have a DAD at school. The school felt there was not need to protect the dog and it ruined her service dog.Sadly eventually her diabetic alert dog Shyla would not work because she was scared. So B had to train her pet to be her diabetic alert dog Clank. Luckily he worked well enough to get her through her senior year of high school but he had some hip issues and she then started to train her own DAD dog Shanti who is doing wonderfully. I know if you are going to have a diabetic alert dog in school you need to make sure they are safe and they are willing to prevent bulling of the student. Which is not easy these days. I thought her story needs to be told because it is something most parents looking to get a DAD might not think of. These dogs are not always cheap and there is so many things that can go wrong.

               Update on Shyla she was given to a new home which is really hard when you depend on these wonderful animals. I know my friend B tried her best to protect her but was unable to. Shyla is working and doing well. She is with a young man who does what he can to make her feel safe. Clank also is in a new home and works for a little boy. I know giving her two alert dogs was not easy but she also learned how to train her own. I think there is so many things that can hurt an alert dog and I do everything I can to keep Duchess safe I am overly cautious but for good reason.

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