Thursday, February 7, 2013

Back to Normal

                      I am for the first time in a while not feeling burnt out. I have been testing regularly after meals and I have been back to wearing my Dexcom even though it is keeping me up at night. I have been in better range less lows and very few highs which is great so I am headed back in the direction I want to be. I have also been working on trying new recipe's having Celiac's disease you can easily get bored with what you are eating and I have found some great new recipes. I have also been changing old recipe's and adapting them to gluten free so I can some of my old favorites. Overall things are really getting better. I know blogging about my burn out has been so helpful for me in getting me back on track. There is so many reasons to get burned out but I think my plan of action was a great thing for me to achieve what I needed. Even Duchess is happier now and I am hoping to avoid burn out for quite a while. I know that switching Dr.'s have helped and trying new things. I think when you have several endocrine issues it can be come overwhelming. I know with Celiac's, Diabetes and Rheumatoid Arthritis can all be challenging. Thank to all who sent encouraging words. It helped a great deal.

Duchess at work on her dog cot .

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