Thursday, February 21, 2013

Up and Down

                   I have been having the most horrible CGM graphs recently I am up and down all day. I am not getting really high or really low but bouncing around. Ever since the new Endocrinologist changed my basal settings things have been crazy. I know they are trying to help but at times I feel it is best to leave the basal setting to me and they make recommendations to me on settings instead of making huge changes. They backed off on the basal at night which has me running 170 all night which I am not comfortable with. I would like to run in the 120 range through the night if at all possible. I am also having more lows because they are messed with the daytime basal rates a well. So i have changed back to my old setting but I am sure they will not be happy with me when I go back to my appointment in March. I do have numbers to back up why I changed it again and some are less than they were originally but I am hoping they will understand the need for the change. I  have not gotten back to where I want to be yet but I want off the roller coaster ride as well. I know Duchess has not really enjoyed the last couple of weeks either. This will be a good test of how my Endocrinologist will respond to the changes I made on my own. After 32 years I think I am qualified to change my own basal rates efficiently but most of the most dangerous periods have been when the Dr.'s have made numerous changes at once.  Hoping to work on getting my cgm back to a more normal range that I am comfortable with.

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