Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Frustrating Night

                       I have to say I feel blessed with being to have a new pump and the Dexcom G4. On nights last night when it went off around 9 times I was more than frustrated. My Dexcom kept saying I was 60 but my blood sugar was actually 95 and stayed in the 90's for almost 4 hours. Then I eventually did hit 78 which I did treat the low then but the thing kept alarming and alarming. I normally would of told the Dexcom it was 165 but it kept saying I was 60. Normally I can get it to at least stop alarming me every twenty minutes but last night that did not work. I have to say for me the Dexcom G4 has not been more accurate but in fact less accurate for me. I actually miss my Seven plus because for me it was closer to my actual blood sugars in the first couple of days on a new sensor. I do like the screen and the size but I was really hoping for more accuracy. I do get better accuracy several days in but it can be wildly off the first couple of days compared to the Dexcom Seven Plus. I am not sure why others are getting better over all results than I am but then again most traditional diabetic routine things do not work for me.

                       I know after last night Duchess looks like she got hit by a truck and I am not much better. I am hoping tonight will be better but so far today I have had another time when the Dexcom was saying I was 70 but I was in the 90's during a meeting. Less than ideal and frankly I am tired.  I need tonight the ability to get more than 20 minutes of sleep in between alerts. So does Duchess too she is my best alerter of changes.


  1. Yeah I wanted to break the Dexcom but I do need it. I need less nights like that.