Monday, August 3, 2015

Just Enjoyed My Weekend

I know with all the work I have been putting getting ready to move I knew I needed to give Duchess some fun time. I know recently as I plan my move and start applying for jobs in Sonoma I needed to have some fun too. I know I want to enjoy my last bit of time before I move away. I know I am trying to get together with friends and it is so strange I am in my last month in town and I should be leaving the first week of September. I am looking forward to all the great time ahead. Duchess loves the water so this past weekend I took her down to the water and she swam after her ball over and over again. She had a great time in the sunshine and with all the people and dogs near bye. I know she loved this time with just me and her having fun in the water. She really seemed to be relieved to have some time just to be a dog and enjoy the really warm weather we are having. I know she has seemed a little unsure of things I know that has to do with the fact that nothing is unpacked and I am living out of boxes.

I know my friends are wonderful that is letting me stay till I get moved which is a blessing and I am truly grateful but I also know I can't wait to get unpacked and then settle in my new home. I know I need this more than I realized up to now. I know I was talking with a friend and they mentioned it must be hard being a guest and trying to prepare for a move that is getting closer. I know I am not as focused at work because of the stuff I must accomplish but I am giving it my best shot and hoping that I am getting it all done. There has been some recent things that have come up with leave time I already was planning so now I will be working one or two days more than I originally planned. I know another day or two won't hurt. I am hoping I can handle all the obstacles as they come. I know I am really hoping I can find a job that will pay enough but also give me more opportunities in the future. I know being new in town I am hoping that I can find what I need. I know administrative work is generally easy to find but I also know not all jobs are great.

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