Monday, August 24, 2015

Well At Least I Am Done For Now

I know today was a rough day in some ways. I know I made it two years without having anything done to my eyes. I had no lasers or injection for my Retinopathy. I know I was really feeling great about all the hard work. I knew deep down eventually I would have to had some procedures done again but I also still feel really defeated even though I know it is all part of having Retinopathy. I know my eye is not in bad shape and the laser procedure it to help stop any bleeds from happening in the first place. I know I am in a good place in that my eyes are not as bad as they once were and the bleeds when they happen are very small and do not tend to impact my vision for the most part. I know I honestly am hoping my next Retina Specialist is better than my current one. I know he is very well know but at times I feel like I am talking to the wall.

I tended to have to push the Dr. to get what I needed at times. I know overall that he at least was following standard procedure when it came to laser procedures. I also know that he was willing to not do surgery which I am incredibly thankful for now. I know I can't see well at night but at least I have really great vision otherwise. So I am thankful and I am also hopeful that I can go another couple of years without any injections or laser procedures. It was so nice to have a break from all the appointments and constant dilatations that I once had. I know I was blessed to only see the Dr. twice a year for two years in a row. I know that even with my great A1c that I still don't have everything the way I would like but I know in the long run keeping my A1c in check must have played a part in my brief period of time with little assistance needed.

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