Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Plan for My Move

I know I have been doing much better with lows the past couple of days so finally seeing some improvement with having less lows even with exercise which is great. I know as I plan my move I know I am planning on last visit with my Dr. again before I leave. I have decided to use a new basal rate just for when I am driving. I know I am hoping to keep my blood sugars in the 140-150 range if possible while I am driving to California. I know I find driving stressful at times but there is long stretches of nothing in Texas so that won't be as stressful but once I get through that there is border patrol stops and other things to deal with. I know I do plan to have food within reach and have a sweet drink to help prevent lows. I know because we are taking our time I am hoping I will feel more relaxed as I go. I know keeping my stress levels low and having time to monitor my blood sugars will help me feel more comfortable with the drive.

I know I do plan on having my Dexcom on my steering wheel as I drive. That will make the process easier for me I don't want to mess with my pump if I don't have to. I know at times like these I really wish I was one of the lucky one's who Dexcom was actually closer to what your blood sugar is. So I know frequent testing and also making sure I stay hydrated will be important. If I get dehydrated that increase low blood sugars. I know having Celiac's disease can be challenging especially while traveling but having options available with me should alleviate any issues I might encounter. I know thankfully I have learned so much over the past several years about what I can and can't eat it just leaves me making sure I have food ready when I am on the road. I know there is some places I can eat that our fast food which can be helpful and some restaurants so I have option. I know I really prefer to eat at home because I can better control what I am getting exposed to.

So I am so happy that I am getting closer to my next adventure. I know I can't wait to see what is next. I know I am really so looking forward to unpacking my things and feeling like I am at home. It has been since June that was the last time I could actually say that. I know Duchess will do great on this trip. I am just hoping she feels at home right away which she seemed to in July when we were visiting. 

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