Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Taking a Postive Approach

I know at times it is so easy to slip in a bad pattern of all the negatives of Diabetes. I know I feel like I have quite a few reasons to complain. I also know I am blessed in so many ways to have Diabetes because I truly feel like I am a better person because I have had my experiences. I know I feel like my Diabetes makes me more empathetic to others and I most of the time am better at handling things others seem to struggle with it. I know I am more organized except for my 501b purse I carry around which I need to switch to a smaller one for obvious reasons. I know I am more organized and tend to have a back up plan because of my Diabetes. I tend to take on things others would be scared too because Diabetes has up jump through so many hoops to get our medical supplies and to just deal with Dr.'s who make mistakes as well. So we all have all these obstacle from work, school, insurance and other obstacles as well. I know even with all my lows I know I am blessed because of my wealth of knowledge I can share but I also have a unique opportunity to educate others which can be difficult at times.

I know we all struggle with difficult times which I have had my share over the past 35 years. I know I am a better problem solver than most because of my Diabetes and I am also great at coming up with creative fixes for things as well. I know I have had way to many pump clips break and other equipment so at times you have to be creative and this helps me in other areas of my life. I know I come up with some very creative solutions at work and so it helps me in my job most of the time. I also know that Diabetes has taught me to have patience at times because there is days where you have to wait for your blood sugar to come down or wait to continue exercising. I also know overall that I think Diabetics are generally the incredible people who face so many things and make it look easy. I know I make things look easy in some ways but because my Diabetes is not very cooperative it is more obvious now to others that things are not as simple as they appear. I know I will forever be thankful that I have meet so many incredible people who are constantly pushing to do things they dream of.

I know I feel lucky each day to wake up to a life full of challenges but filled with so much more because of it all. I know Diabetes affect everyone in a family and I know my brother and sister are much more patient in general because of how we grew up and the adjustments that had to be made. I know my family is also healthier as well because we eat better growing up. Which in so many ways was good for everyone. I know I can't change that I am a Diabetic but I do have control over how I feel about my Diabetes. I am thankful for the person I am today and I know my Diabetes such a huge part of that.

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