Friday, August 7, 2015

Living out of Boxes

I know recently when I go the gym there has been less distractions by other people which is a relief. I know each time I got a new place it seems that most people need to time to adjust to seeing Duchess. I know the staff at this other location has been good they recognize me and Duchess now. I know they never question if I need her which I appreciate but I know they have seen me testing my blood sugar and also treating some lows. So overall this new gym has been a good place to work out once people seemed to get over the initial period where they just have to stop and look at Duchess. I know because there is a very limited number of service dogs in Austin that I know it is very interesting to see one working. I know the interesting thing for me is that I have had no public access issues since I moved which I thought I would have. So I know I am thankful that the recent changes in general have not been bad but very managable. I know I am looking forward to where I am not living out of boxes.

I am really looking forward to September where I can actually unpack my things and finally feel at home. It has been since June since I started living out of boxes and it has not been bad but I like to be able to use my things easily and not have to put them in and out of boxes. I know at least my kindle has made things easier because everything I need is on the device. I am also thankful that I will get a new start as well. Living with my Coworker is fun but I also know I am ready to live with my boyfriend and be able to find new opportunities. I feel like my life with Diabetes will never be easy but with a smaller town might just be more manageable for me to handle. I know Duchess is also seeming like she wants to be able to call some place home and I know she loves where we are going to be living.

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