Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Lows Are Disappearing

I am starting to feel better this past week or so I am starting to have less lows again even with exercise. I am seeming to be more level in my Dexcom graph and very little higher blood sugars which I was aiming for. I know yesterday I had only one low which was so great for me and now lows after working out which so surprising. I did my normal snack before bed when I work out and this time no lows at 3:00am which was so nice. I also in general am waking up in the low one hundred range which is great. I know if I wake up around that level I normally feel great and have a great start to the day. I also know that if I can keep the lows at bay most of the day I tend to have less at night. So now my goal is to try and keep things like they are now until I leave if possible.

I am now just trying to relax because I just gave notice at work yesterday and it was nice in some ways to say good bye. My job there was a great deal of things I liked but also a great deal I didn't like. I know I felt so much better after giving notice. I know I felt relieved to be moving on but there is also part of me that is sad in some ways. I know saying goodbye to some of my friends at work and in Austin in general will be hard. I know I am not looking forward to all the goodbyes but I know am really needing the new start to my life.  So I am hoping that the last two weeks at my job are pleasant and good. I know after almost 4 years it will be strange to not work here. I know when I am crossing the Texas border I won't be looking back but instead looking forward. I know I am hoping and praying for less lows. I know it was so nice to stay in range most of the day.

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