Thursday, August 6, 2015

Another Jump Scheduled

I am trying to arrange another Sky dive with a friend in Austin. She has never sky dived before so it will be really fun to jump with a friend. I am very fortunate that my boyfriend John loves to sky dive as well and that we can jump together which is really fun. I know taking Duchess with us while we sky dive requires a baby sitter of sorts which worked well. I also learned that having a chair to sit in while we sky dive really helped her to be really calm. I know I am so excited that I will going again for jump number 5. I do plan to do my training for solo sky diving soon which I am so thrilled about. I have to admit jumping by myself will defiantly be interesting but I am learning so much. I know like Diabetes you need to prepared for anything. Sky diving does have its risks but they train you how to handle situations that could arise. I know I am looking forward to being able to do it on my own but I also know that even though I was not in the slightest bit nervous. I know I will be when I do my first solo sky dive with the instructor it will be different that jumping with a tandem instructor. So I am really nervous but really looking forward to the challenges. I think Sky diving and Diabetes are quite a bit a like in many ways such as you have to be prepared for everything I know I try me best to never run out of supplies etc. I also know that sky diving you meet some really interesting people and the same can be said for Diabetics.

I know in sky diving you look for days with good weather conditions and we all know we love the days when our Diabetes behaves the way we want it too. I also have to say that both require a great deal of split second decisions. When you get your parachute tangled up you may need to make a decision to cut away the shoot and use the back up. There is also times with Diabetes where your pump goes bad and then you go back to shots till the replacement shows up. I also know that both require some problem solving abilities. That is why I think my Diabetes prepared me a great deal of ways for Sky Diving which I love. I know I will not have a video of this sky dive but possibly on some future jumps when I am in California.

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