Monday, August 10, 2015

Some Times You Have to Make A Judgement Call

I know with all recent events with Duchess and her need to lick constantly at her feel I finally ended up having to use an E-collar to keep her away from her paws. I know for me it is really difficult to make her wear it since I feel like it is difficult for Duchess but I also know that her safety is very important to me as well. I know I feel like a parent during these time and I stress myself out because I don't want to make her wear it but I know at the end of the day I am doing what it best for Duchess which is what is best for both of us in the long run. I know it has been a difficult time getting Duchess back to where her paws are normal. Thankfully her feet are not infected and I do clean then out daily and make sure that I have a good coat of the liquid bandage applied to the spots. It seems to really have helped protect her feet from everything she comes in contact with so far.


I know wearing the E-collar I have noticed she sleeps more but also seems to play more like she used to so overall it was a good decision. Her paws looked really good this morning so maybe a day or two more and I can take the collar back off. I know she has been very patient through out the whole process and does not seem to be too upset by it all. In fact she has been really good through out this whole incident and I know I appreciate her patience while I figured out what would work best for both of us. I know it is difficult using the E-collar she tends to run into everything and has tunnel vision so I spend more time guiding her to avoid hitting things but overall it has been just little adjustments. I know I get the craziest looks when Duchess was going to work and at the grocery store with the collar on but I know it is for the best. I know most people are curious as to why she is wearing the collar and I share I know it is not uncommon for this issue to happen.


  1. when my service dog needs to wear a cone of shame (or pet dog for that matter). I attach the cone to a easy off buckle collar so that I can take it off to go into a store or go for walks... places the dog will not quickly be able to get a chance to chew and then put the cone of shame back on as necessary. Gives the dog some breaks and the public less opportunity to go off... just my 2 cents

    1. I wish I had thought of that previously. I have been giving her time at night without the E collar on. So far she seems to be getting closer to where she can stop using it soon. I know I have been lucky that the general public seems to just want to share what they have personally experienced with their dogs. I am finding a great deal of dogs have gone through struggles with wanting to remove their hair or scratch excessively. I am just glad that I have learned from my experience but also that Duchess is getting back to her normal healthy self again.