Monday, August 17, 2015

I Never Stopped to Realize the Impact

I know John and I talk frequently and we were discussing things we wanted to do once I finish my move to California. I know he is used to Duchess being around in fact have never not had her with us. I know I never really realized that we have never had a date or time where Duchess was not there. It can be so easy to forget what it is like to not have her with me. I know I normally never leave Duchess but I figure that I trust him enough her tends to notice my lows so I can have a night out without Duchess being with us. It will defiantly be nice because honestly at times having some space would be really nice. I love Duchess beyond belief but at times I know I really miss my freedom I had before the Unawareness took over my life. I used to be able to go out and do things without a service dog with me at all times. I know we will be taking my glucagon kit with me for sure. 

I know it is interesting to me that at times I have forgotten in some ways what it is like to not have Duchess with me. I know I rarely ever leave her but on occasion it would be nice to enjoy life a little more. Mind you it is very rare for me to leave Duchess.  I know I am really dependent on her and I feel safest having her with me she is my little sidekick of sorts. So it really hit me when he mentioned we have never had any just us time which sadly is true. I know I am incredibly fortunate to have her and I love her so much. I know I will miss her the whole time we are apart but it also be nice for us as couple to experience some time just for us. I know dating is defiantly more complicated when having a service dog because you are worrying about your service dog, diabetes, and so many other things. I know he has been incredibly understanding about it all and loves Duchess too. I just think its time for us as a couple.

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