Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Quite a Few Laughs

There is times that I have to laugh at some of my experiences. I know it is interesting to see how people judge you and have an idea in their mind of what you are supposed to drive etc. I know I recently bought a used Honda Civic which I love. My favorite part of the car is the custom red Honda symbols and the tires and rims. They did all these extras on the car such as custom leather seats etc,carbon fiber on the roof of the car and custom bumper. I think they were trying to make the Honda Civic look like the SI version which is fine with me. Everything on the car was done extremely well.

I was doing great on my exercise routine I went to the gym as usual and even exercised longer on Friday because I had the energy. I am really starting to feel like my old self and have had very little pain the past couple of weeks. So I had a really good work out and I was really getting used to the gym and how it works at this gym. I have enjoyed everything so far. The weird part is not that I have been going to the gym for  a bit I now have men exercising near me when I am working out. I am fine with it except for the fact they tend to distract Duchess. So I am trying to find a way to position her so she is not in the way but still able to be close enough to me to alert. She has done extremely well alerting me when I am at they gym because the Dexcom is much slower at letting me know. The weird part is at times I feel high but I am actually low but it happens occasionally.

So I finish working out and I head out to my car after I gathered all my stuff together. I get closer to my car and notice a group of men at one guys car a couple cars away from where my Civic is parked. I could see they were looking at my car. Men love my car which I find kind of funny. I notice they are watching Duchess and I get in the car and I open up my sunroof it was a warm night. So I hear the guys talking I would of never guessed that lady is the one who owns that car is what I hear. I had to laugh a little bit because I seem to get weird looks because I have a car with a great deal of custom work. Then I hear one guy saying he needs to hang out with my boyfriend because he did a great job on the car. It was interesting to hear tidbits of the conversation as I am pulling out of they gym parking lot and quite a few more laughs. I guess a disabled person with a service dog is not allowed to have a car with custom features in their minds.

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