Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Unexpected Injury from Playing

I know recently with all the stress of getting ready to move. Some things have crept up. On Monday night I let Duchess play with friend little Anne and it was hot out. I am not sure what happened but she was licking her pay frequently. I took a closer look at her paw which now has some missing skin. So I have put a liquid bandage on which will hopefully help it heal which has in the past. The only issues is that she can't lick the wound after applying it which she has done. So I have to wrap it up. So I tried letting her stay on her dog cot at work but then she removed the bandage. So I moved to her a chair next to me at work which seems to be working.

I know recently we have been having our challenges most because I am so focused on other things. So I know we are just in such a weird spot and I am really short on patience because I am so caught in other things. So I know I need to get back some of my patience at times. I am so excited about the future but I also need to focus on the now as well. So thankfully my friend suggested using a chair which worked while skydiving is working now as well. I am hoping to keep the blanket over her paws a deterrent while I am trying to heal her wound. I am also switching her over to benadryl as well because it seems to curb her constant licking at times. I have noticed my own allergies acting up today as well. I know I am always trying to keep her safe but at times dogs will injure themselves and things can happen even while doing something as simple as playing with her new next door neighbor friend who loves to play.


  1. I have used a white cotton kid sock with a muttluck boot velcroed over the sock..Hope she heals fast

    ...also strangely enough, just yesterday while on one of our "work break" walks, Lily went 3 legged lame-I looked, prodded & felt-found nothing-I thought I don't think I can carry her back to work, she made it limping back to the office-gave her some Arnica & she was fine in 2 hours?...still nothing to see, have no idea what it was...??

    1. Great Idea to use her boots. She has ruff wear boots and I can easily put her in a small sock. That will work better than what I am currently trying. It is such a learning experience having a service dog.