Thursday, October 2, 2014

Annual Eye Exam

I went for my annual eye exam I have not been back since I was sent to Retina Specialist 2 years ago. Mainly because I have my eyes checked regularly by the retina specialist. I have noticed some recent issues with my night vision which is expected after the laser procedures which cause you to lose most of your night vision. I talked with my ophthalmologist about the issue and he said my astigmatism could be making my night vision worse so now I have glasses for driving at night. I do know it will only work slightly to help but at this point I will take what I can get. I was happy to see he thought my eyes looked great which was not a surprise because my Retina Specialist had said the same thing. He was really surprised by how I had 20/20 vision even with Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy (PDR). I know each day I wake up very proud of myself for keeping my A1c in very tight control and my ability to keep my healthy and with very little change in my vision. I know all the effort has paid off and I am really thankful for my Endocrinologist who supported me when other Dr.'s most likely would have disagreed with how I wanted to control my Diabetes. All these things have contributed to my current outcome.

I know complications are difficult and it can be so easy to say I give up. Once you get a complication I know I had the mindset I am not giving up and I am researching all my options. I am really happy that I decided that surgery for my Diabetic Retinopathy was not really what I needed. I have found that I avoided surgery which also is interesting in that frequently once you do have surgery to help with a hemorrhage normally you could end up needing another surgery. I am not a fan of surgery and I like to keep it simple. So for me the easiest route was laser procedures and injections. I know I made the best decision for me and I am really proud I went with my gut and decided to find a Dr. who was willing to work with me on avoiding surgery. It was interesting because normally I am really worried when I get my exams but yesterday I was very calm and felt like everything was going to be good. I guess one good scare and you tend not to forget but at least now I am not in complete fear of something being found instead I am just hopeful.


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