Monday, October 6, 2014

Sometimes I Just Feel Blah About it All

Their is times I am too rough on myself when it comes to normal things there will always be times when my blood sugar is higher than I want them but normally I am pretty good at keep my blood sugars below 150 but this weekend was rough I was over that around 6 or 7 times. I am not sure what was going on but I was having some insulin resistance because I was sending more and more insulin in and nothing was happening. I did run a temp basal which then seemed to help bring my blood sugars back to normal but on Sunday once again I had to pump a great deal of more insulin in so I know I am heading back to changing my basal rates back up. looks like according to my body fall is here. The funny thing is that it is still in 80's and 90's here so it really feels like summer except it is a little cooler in the mornings. It really seemed to take me a bit longer than usual to clue into what was going on. Sometimes I seem to know what to do instantly other times I really need to think about it before I can really figure out and that was this weekend.

I had a long week and I think I was really starting to just feel better after being sick so I guess I was just tired and was focusing on other things. The problem with focusing on other things is that it really tends to catch up with me quickly. I did have my Dexcom on this weekend but I did not start it for a day and I just was feeling really blah about everything. This morning was much the same as this weekend my Dexcom was really far off and had not even showed that it was heading up ward so thankfully Duchess alerted me to what my Dexcom was missing. I have gotten my blood sugar down now and it seems to be staying in place. Hoping that things settle down for the rest of the day. I am attempting to finish up some projects at work and thankfully. I am almost done and I just need some time so I can accomplish this and my blood sugars staying level would be ideal right now but I also am realize is not always possible. I am hoping I will get a better grasp on things this week so I can enjoy next weekend a little more.

This feel of being so over it bothers me greatly because I do care so much but at times it just seems I need a day of I am dealing with it but I am also not over focusing on it as well. So I need to get things back in line but I also know this is not easy at times. Thankfully I have an up coming appointment which is making me realize that I need to get things back together before I go to get my blood work done. At least their is some incentive in that but I really am starting to feel a little burnt out but thankfully work is becoming less stressful this time of year so I will have more time to deal with this but I also know their so many other things I would rather be doing.

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