Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Is It Really Selfish

At times dealing with the general public and a service dog is really the most frustrating thing. I was recently called selfish by a stranger because I take Duchess to the gym. I was pretty pissed off because she said it was not proper to make her sit through an hour at the gym. I told her that some people are blessed to be able to go to the gym without their service dog but I don't have that option. I told her honestly I would love to go back to where I was managing things on my own but again that is not possible right now.

So I get a constant theme of I am selfish because I take Duchess to various places but I feel like she is well feed, has proper gear and ability to rest when she needs. So I feel like I am not selfish. I know taking care of myself as a Diabetic is essential that is why I used to walk because I was so afraid of doing more intense exercise. Thankfully I have figured out how to some what handle most lows during exercise. So I feel like I need to continue to exercise regularly and continue to make our lives better by managing my Diabetes to the best of my ability and I know Duchess wants me to have less lows and be healthy. I am her partner and she depends upon me to provide a great deal of things which I do because I am able to. I know most people will never understand but at times I feel so tired of hearing how selfish I am. I do a great deal for my own family and I do not do a great deal for myself so I feel being called selfish is not fair or correct.

My life is a constant balancing act these days and I feel like exercise is a great thing. Duchess does go on runs with me as well so we both get exercise. Duchess gets to play every break I have at work and she loves it so I feel like we have a nice balance and that I do work hard to do the best I can for both of us. I guess all assumptions people make our to blame for this assumption by that stranger. I do not tend to like these type of conversations but I did educate them politely even though at times I am just tired of all the educating. I am beyond blessed to have her but all the unnecessary comments I could really live without.

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