Friday, October 10, 2014

Surprise From Endocrinologist Office

I got home yesterday from work and rushing around to get things done before I head to the gym. I went and checked the mail. I know my Dr.'s office was trying to get all diabetics with long term insulin use the Lilly Diabetes Journey Awards. They applied for the medals for all the patients. I was quite surprised because my Endocrinologist office is throwing a party and presenting us our medals from Lily in November. I was really surprised that they spent the time and money to do something so wonderful for all the patients. I know I am looking forward to getting my 25 year medal. I know I am beyond impressed with how my Dr. is honoring his patients with a little party and presentations. I am really seeing my Endocrinologist office wanting to learn more about conference I attend and other local things such as meet up groups. The office is trying to find more ways for patience to get support and it is nice to see them encouraging people to meet other Diabetics.

I know it has changed my world in a great deal of ways. I am really excited to be able to participate in the upcoming events and glad to see that my Dr.'s office cares and wants us to do well which I already knew. I know I wish all patients had access to Dr.'s like mine who will until they find answers to issues that patients experience especially for the odd one's like me. I know my reaction to things is not always typical so they really have to be creative when it comes to my care most of the time. I am really thankful to see that they are continually looking for ways to support Diabetics because that mean's they are getting how important finding balance and having support is when having a chronic illness. I love that my Physicians Assistant goes above and beyond as well. She tells me about local gluten free places she has eaten because she has Celiac's disease too. It is nice to get an office who works hard to make sure I get what I need.


  1. Wow, that's really cool!!!! Your endo office deserves a huge round of applause!!

    1. I thought so too. They are really working at becoming even better over the past two years. I appreciate all their efforts. I know I have benefited greatly. Plus they love Duchess too.