Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Giving New Things a Try

I recently purchased Duchess a new service dog vest and I for the first time in 3 years I have to actually purchase patches for her vest. The previous dog vests were customizable and I could select from a few patches that were sewn on. I was searching online when I saw a patch that I thought might get people to stop and think just for a moment. My favorite part of the patch is the saying I don't pet you while you are working. I am trying to get the people who are the dog lovers who think that the patches do not apply to them.  I meet them frequently and I usually have to put my hand in front of Duchess to get them to stop petting. I always try my best to educate but at times I have to stop them which does not seem to teach them anything. So I am always looking for ways to get people's attention by using different or unusual patches really seem to help send a message. This has really worked well so far and I hoping it will in the future.

I have found that when I get on the bus that people are commenting on her patches and they seem to be taking what the patch is saying seriously which is my goal. I really hate having to tell people not to pet her consonantly.So far and I am loving her new patches and I don't even need to have a separate patch stating medical alert dog technically but I do have one on her vest. I know so far Duchess seems to love her Ruff wear vest and her new patches. I am hoping that the new patches continue to get people to think before they do a drive by pet which happens frequently. I am thankful that most of the time Duchess is able to not be too distracted by this but at times it can take away her focus.

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