Monday, October 13, 2014

Rough Start to Weekend

I had been doing so great recently I really did not expect issues to show up on Saturday. Thankfully I did not need any assistance to get my self to where I needed to be. I had trouble sleeping most of the weekend sadly but especially on Friday night. I woke up from a bad low around 5am and treated the low and ate some food. I was trying to get my blood sugars to stay level so I would be able to get a couple more hours of sleep. I sadly woke up instead at 12:43pm on Saturday afternoon and still low. I luckily was aware enough to realize that I needed to eat something so I grabbed a glucose tablet and a muffin. I know I needed to get moving for the day as well. So I started to get ready for the day still feeling really tired but I wanted to get some things accomplished for the day.

I leave the house and head to the store I get their and my blood sugar was normal and seemed steady according to the Dexcom. The next thing I hear is the high alarm. I know I was low from around 6-12:43pm so I could be more prone to more lows. I did bolus for some of the muffin so I was not expecting the 180 and rising. Thankfully I decided to just inject verses using my pump. I had changed my infusion set that morning and wanted to also verify that it was not a bad site. So it turned out that my site was good but my blood sugars did not want to be in normal range. Thankfully I was able to get my blood sugar down in three hours which is not great but for being so low for so long I really should not be surprised.

I know Friday night I did run but normally I do not have these issues in the morning most of the time. I have had an increase in lows but was constantly adjusting the basals. The on Saturday night I was running 140 straight across all night long which is a little higher than usual but thankfully not low. So I ran a little higher last night as well. I have had some issues making adjustments because some days I am not able to find the reason I need to make the changes. So I will continue to make the best decision I can make. I am just bummed that I have not been able to get the reasons why figured out but at least most of the time the changes are working.

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