Thursday, October 9, 2014

Making Things Better For Us Both

I have been working on looking at ways I can make Duchess life better. I have implemented two play times which are my breaks at work. She loves me throwing her toy around and looks forward to it all day long. She genuinely seems happier in general. Here alerting seems to be even improved with the changes. I have also been looking at ways to make my workouts better for Duchess. I do take her out running with me three days a week now and she loves running so far. I also have not noticed any issues with the running. I do keep her on join supplements to help keep her joints well cared for. I also have been giving her treats ever so often while we are at the gym. She seems to be more attentive if I make the time at the gym more fun for her. Duchess has a great deal of needs and seems to need changes in her routine occasionally to keep her happy.

I am just thrilled that these changes have really seemed to make her even happier than she previously was when were at the gym or at work. I know I do ask a great deal of her and most of the time she is just happy to be with me. I know by looking for more ways to improve her experience I will keep her more content with her work and life in general. Duchess really is a typical lab in that she loves to run and fetch. She really needs certain stimulation to keep her at her happiest. I know my life is complicated so thankfully with having more time now to work on my own personal life and concentrate more on Duchess.

She will always be the most important thing in my life and I have always tried to keep he a top priority. I now feel like my life is happier because I feel like I am more demanding but that means Duchess and I our now safer than we were previously. I realized that I need to speak up at times to get what I need especially for Duchess because they don't have a service dog or realize how many limitations she does have. I can only expect her to work so many hours. If I work too many hours she tends to alert less which is understandable.


  1. You are both pretty darn amazing!!

    1. Thanks Karen!! I know you are awesome as well. Hope your doing well.