Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Duchess and The Needed Change

I am now dealing with the whining issue since my recent seizure some times after seizures I have gathered that Duchess views this personally as a failure. Shortly after the seizure she will then decide on her own to change her alert because she thinks it is not effective. Which really makes sense but nothing drives more crazy than whining. So it is not an alert that I want her to use and I like her to keep the noise to a very minimum level and her whining can get loud. So it looks like I may need to go back to using the bringsel again to alert. I really hate the whining so I know I need to use and old alert or find a new one for her to learn. She loves learning new things so I know she would probably like to learn a new one. The issue can be finding an alert that does not drive me crazy but also is easy enough for Duchess to do.

So I am back to looking at what options I have to create a new alert for her or possibly one she feel better about. Duchess really amazes me how she handles these moments of scary with such patience. She never gives up and keeps going even after a bad seizure or low. She is always affected in one way or another by these episodes. So I will go with the change and try to find an alert that works for both of us. It can be difficult at times to find options that work for us both. I know last time I ended up bringing back and old alert which seemed to appease Duchess. Right now she is going back to pawing my legs instead of licking my hand. It will probably take another week of working with her to use the old alert and not whine. I am so glad that she is willing to just go with the other alert for now. Most of the time then she will go back to licking my hand instead of the alternate alert.

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