Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Looking Back

I almost now feel like I should have know that Hypoglycemia Unawareness was coming my way. I know several times during my teens I got on the wrong bus from school and luckily eventually came to enough to get myself home. I know over the years I never once realized that was not really normal. I knew most people felt most lows so I thought not feeling them occasionally was normal. I know because it did not happen frequently I thought it was not a big deal and was not really a big deal. I always seemed to be okay and so I assumed I would always be okay. I know through the years there was always these events where lows seemed to catch up with me like during high school state testing. I was in the middle of writing my paper in class when I passed out and they ended up calling the EMS. I can tell you I still hate that day because all the students I went to school say me being hauled out on a stretcher as they were in the middle of going to their next classes. I still remember the embarrassment I felt like it was yesterday.

I know I always felt like having these events were some what normal but now I realize more than ever that it was really a clue that missed during these incredibly stressful events. Then there was the times around 25 years old where I was working out more but not eating enough and had really bad lows where I was late picking up my sister from school several times. I know I was buy cleaning and stopped for a minute and just passed out. There was not shaking, fast heart beat, grumpiness or any other symptom except being tired. I did not give one moment of thought about the fact I was not feeling lows much anymore. I know I did notice if I was low while working out but not as much when out and about. I know my life was really busy so I guess I focused on other things instead of noticing all the changes at times. I know I learned a great deal of lessons from my experiences. I also know grieving the loss of my mother during that time who also was a type 1 was the most difficult thing. So I know I was not really aware of everything I should have been.

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